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Tobey West, Tobias I.A. West, Todd West, Todd Goodman owner of Family 1st Home Preservations, Legal Affiliates Group, Loan Educators, Family First Home Preservation Services. Tobey uses the alias Todd so people don’t know his real name. I was an employee of Tobey and I know personally he has ripped off all his clients. He never submitted one file to the bank. He just takes client’s money and then never does anything to help them. He also doesn’t pay commissions to his sales people. Everything I was told to tell my clients was prefabricated on a script that we are told to use or we would be fired. Tobey also parades his Arab wife around the office. He buys her Gucci and Prada purses meanwhile clients are losing their houses and his employees aren’t getting paid.

Tobey uses a virtual office and claims his company is based out of Beverly Hills, CA but the truth is, he is located in a Downtown Los Angeles. His exact physical address is 3325 Wilshire Blvd. Unit 940. Los Angeles, CA 90010. Tobey West also hangs his California Real Estate License at Nourmand and Associates located at 6525 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.

According to California law SB94 it is illegal for ANYONE in the state of California to collect an upfront fee for a loan modification. If you are a victim of Tobey West you can contact the California Department of Real Estate and the Federal Trade Commission FTC.

Tobias I.A. West California Department of Real Estate #01485673.

Do not let this *** take advantage of you. He will take your money and not save your house.

Monetary Loss: $2490.

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Going by The name Eric west now doing real estate again.How does the dre let this degenerate change his name and still practice after being sued and losing to the FTC ?

Call the dre his license number is on here.People get away with this when victims don't fight and give up.


Now he's going by Eric West.This was his judgement.

How the f$&k are people like this allowed to practice real estate?

Everyone who has been burned by this man should contact the dre.Really wondering who he is trying to screw now.


Tobias West AKA Eric Decker has been running a scam company at 3530 Wilshire Blvd, LA, CA 90010 Suite #699!

He let go of all of his employees and didnt pay them for 3 or more weeks of work. Now he is claiming he is bankrupt and will not pay anybody ! DO NOT APPLY WITH SELECT STUDENT QUOTE TO CONSOLIDADTE YOUR STUDENT LOANS OR BEVERLY HILLA TAX SOLUTIONS TO FIX YOUR TAXES THOSE ARE THE SCAMS HE IS RUNNING NOW!


as of 1/25/16 he has been going by the name eric decker and running a new student loan scam from 3050 wilshire blvd ca suite 669

to Anonymous #1101256

3530 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 699-699A, Los Angeles, CA 90010 Correct Address


My name is Vivian Campos.Tobias West ruined my life.

I was a mother of 3 with beautiful house and loving husband. I was contacted by a person that worked at Legal Affiliates Group in Beverly Hills Calofornia. He told me if I paid them 1995.00 they could drop my payment by 50% and I didn't have to make my mortgagee payment. I trusted them.

After paying them the money I never heard from them again. Shortly after the loss of communications contact the bank only to find out they are a scam. Because of them we lost our home and my husband divorced me. The only reason I have to live is because of my church.

I am not angry with Tobias I know he will face Jesus one day and have to explain himself then.Please stop him from ruining other peoples lives.

Spokane, Washington, United States #845605

I found out Kamol now has all bank accts in her name.Once I have Komals full name she's going all over the Internet.

All the scammers will be exposed. One of the people that testified said Komals family is part of Al Qaeda.

We need to get the FBI into this.I bet he's funneling money to the Arabs.

to Stan #1088948

Kamal West-


......let me add MY experience and complaint!!...I am also a victim of his SCAMS.

He is creative.... in all the wrong and illegal areas. He is mindful and motivated in STEALING from innocent homeowners, and if he would be humble and honest, then he would make things right and give us victims our money back... The longer he waits, the more it is going to cost him....not only money but also jail time.

He has a wife and a he that smart to teach his son that stealing and going to jail is cool? Karma. karma. it'll come around....

Tobey West....just make it right, give us our money back that you stole, and hand over those bank records...if you claim you are 'innocent'.

....or WE will not stop until we have justice!YOU scammed us and We do not stand for that!

Boca Raton, Florida, United States #845552

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